Help pls

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Help pls

Post by sjamesp » Thu Jan 23, 2020 8:37 am

Hi! Im about a week into this game. Interesting stuff.
Researching a lot. Building a bow user. Just love archery myself.
I understand builds for archers. Dex, crit, str...
I want to achieve something fast and critical.
Guessing Ill have to do that through equips.
My equips so far:

Zel Shooter +4
Crit Dam +10
Crit Rate +10
Crit Rate +10%
Atk +7%
Crit Rate +5 (Crysta)

Mithril Arrow
Atk: 36 (20%) what does that mean?
Crit Rate +1%
Crit Dam +3

Heaven Feather Garb
Def 143
Potential 80 pts <---and this means what?

Gothic Hat
Def: 35
Crit rate +14
Open Slot. Plan on putting Warmonger in that when i can afford it

Time Warp Watch
Def 3
Atk SPD +1000

So questions...
Can i add slots to any of these gears? If yes, how so?
Considering the crit/speed build do i need to worry about combos?
Recommendations for skill points to go on?
Would like to look into making potions though.
So hey, if anyone can throw some suggestions at me or answer some of these questions that would rock!
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Re: Help pls

Post by kizuna' » Fri Jan 24, 2020 8:56 am

about potential on your armor... that means you can put stats like critical n critical damage by using smith skill which you get from library at sofya city, but for it to work like +20 which is the latest stats you need a lvl200 character on the same character that are using the skill n of course for statter we need tec in personal stat(not recommended for new player),, also buying +20 is too much also,, for new player it is better to go for drop armor or npc armor(i recommend assassin garb)

for gears yes you can adding a slot need a piercer which you can get from orb shop but you need orb for it...and if you dont have any you can buy from other player but ofc the price depends on the seller it is not cheap at all,, plus,you can aim for better gear 1slot equipment is not bad at all

for combos it is harder to explain but there are other players review about it on yt

for bow user the main skill are snipe(3rd tier shot skill) if you reach lvl 150 there will be another skill,cross fire(4th tier shot skill), you can buy other skill tree too for low lvl build you can check on yt too im sorry i dont remember much about the skill name...

i hope this helps... but if you need anything there are lots of players review on yt... the most important part is not on the damage but playstyle
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